Create xp install disc from working copy of xp

Discussion in 'Windows XP General Discussion' started by jon juhlin, Jul 29, 2019.

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    Jul 29, 2019
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    I have a working xp (xp pro sp 3) machine. I want to reformat the hard drive and reload xp but have long ago lost the restore disc that came with the machine. I only run one piece of software on it. I have the discs for that software and can reinstall. The machine has been infected with malware that I can't kill.

    The machine still works. But if I connect to the internet, I immediately receive ransomware notices which I ignore, but it is getting old. All attempts to get rid of the malware has been in vain.

    Can I create a recovery disc that has just the windows xp operating system on it and then use that reinstall windows xp after I have formatted my hard drive. I don't want to copy anything from the computer except the windows xp operating system. Everything else, including old data can disappear and it won't matter.

    I realize that there is some risk that the malware will persist. I'm willing to risk that. I'll be no worse off than I am now.

    I have the original product key. I had found a 'reload windows xp without a cd' tutorial on the web but it did not work.

    I'd buy a legal copy of xp if I could find one. I'm told that is unlikely to find a legal copy any more.
    jon juhlin, Jul 29, 2019
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    You might download from the above, BUT do not make your install disk on an infected machine, and I would not use an xp system that is infected to make an install disk with just the i386 folder which I have seen on the internet but have never attempted to do. just get you data to a flash drive, (remember to run a scan on the flash drive with a clean pc to ensure there is no malware or virus on the flash drive, infected flash drives take milliseconds to infect a pc, I have autorun and autoplay disabled on my pc so that windows will not immediately open the flash drive.
    Elizabeth23, Jul 29, 2019
  3. jon juhlin

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    State of Confusion
    You can get an XP CD on Ebay for cheap. I found this one for 8 bucks:
    It looks like the box has been beat up a bit but I don't think it would have affected the CD. It is an SP2 CD so you will have to slipstream SP3.

    Edit: I should mention that if you buy a different CD, get one that is "in the original packaging" or "sealed".
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    Computer semi-expert, Jul 29, 2019
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