Cpu usgae spikes when mouse is moved.

I have a problem that occured only 2 days ago i was playing a game (leauge of legends) when i suddenly got a lot of lagg out of nowhere later i discovered the cause was the mouse or rather the sytem whit the mouse. When the mouse is moved the cpu usage spikes this can be observed oth in games and in the task manager. Most of the cpu is used up by explorer.exe the problem dos not occur when booted in safe mode.

List of things tried:
1.Reinstalled video card drivers
2.Downgraded video drivers
3.Run a virus scan by 2 antivirus programs
4.Ran a system restore to about a month ago.
5.Used an old non-usb mouse which doesnt work by the way.
Pc specs:

GPU: Nvidia Gefroce 8600 gts (xfx)
2.00 gb RAM
OS:windows XP

Thanks in advance and i apologize for my bad grammar.
have you seen this page?

I forgot to mention this occurs for every game on my pc EVEN cs 1.6 and minecraft+Game lagg is not the only problem like i said cpu usage spikes in taskmngr but il try whit leauge of legends maybe its a unversal fix ill edit this soon.

EDIT: Thanks for metinoning this its a great wiki but sadly i didnt find anything releated to my problem :(.
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have you installed anything lately?

there is a conflict somewhere if it does not occur in safe mode, as safe mode loads minimal drivers.

here is a link for Process explorer, which is a better form of task manager, you can check what is running and go straight online for descriptions.

what is your antivirus? if avg or norton or mcAfee, these cause conflicts also,

do you only have one antivirus installed? you should have only one antivirus in real time and any other scanners as on demand scanners for malware and spyware.

Process Explorer

have you cleaned your mouse?
also check your firewall and see if it is blocked or needs an open port, (be aware that this creates a security hole if you do not trust the website completely)
Ive disabled firewall by default cause i dont have any use for it i use the scaner bitdefender. IM pretty sure its not the mouses fault cause ive tried to diffrent ones and its still the same. And the problem doesnt occur in safe mode ive done a system restore to about a month ago but the problem started 2 days a go.

EDIT: According to procces explorer: when on desktop the most CPU is used by Explorer.exe im going to check while in game in windowed mode what causes the fps to drop.
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by the game?

or all the games?

Have you looked in Event Viewer? are there any errors around the time of the issue?

go to start, run, type in eventvwr.msc look under applictions and system.

if your game had an update you might want to roll back to the previous version, or roll back your drivers to the previous version.

and/or you might want to run checkdisk

go to start, run, type in cmd and click ok

in cmd type chkdsk c: /r space tween k and c, tween : and / press enter

type y for yes and press enter

type exit and press enter

restart pc, this is a lengthy process allow to finish, percentages will fluctuate, this is normal, be patient

view report in applications of event viewer/Winlogon if any errors were found, then run again until no errors are found.
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I have done everything there are no errors reported. Im thinking about reinstalling windows is there anything else i can try. Damnit i hate not knowing the cause of a problem.
Oh and ive noticed the cpu usage spikes for whicever program the mouse is used on . For example i move it on my desktop explorer.exe uses up a lot of cpu or when i move my mouse on the task manager, task manager uses up a lot of cpu.
I am out of ideas, usually checkdisk with the /r parameter will fix a multitude of issues, but it may be you need to do a clean install, if you do let me know as there are several sites with good instructions and you will need to install sp3 before windows updates will work.