Cosmetic themes - Vista look - Win 8 look packs

I am my own worst enemy sometimes. Tried out the Windows Transformation Pack 5 to have XP "look like" Windows 8. Very pretty to look at and that is about all. Added about three start up entries (resource chompers) and no way to disable the side bar (like Vista has).

All uninstalled and back to "plain vanilla XP".

Quite a few of these "make XP look like" packs are good but they do detract from the simplicity of XP.

As a senior member of the forum advises, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Sage and wise advice.

Cheers from Aunty Jack.
@Aunty Jack:

I should send you some customized visual styles that I modified (they're just visual styles so nothing can't be reversed). I have cool styles for Corona, Vista, Windows 7, Royale Noir, and Simple XP. Some are very simple but just have a nicer look.
what do you guys mean about windows 9? there isnt such a thing as windows 9.

I could say Windows 7 ate 9. (Using the past participle of eaten, as a substitution for Eight.

Or I could say yes there was a world-wide conspiracy to hide Windows 9 from Poland and it’s the best operating system.

However, the more mundane and actual explanation is, that Elizabeth was referring to the whole spectrum of Windows 9X, but there is only a small village in eastern Kenya and the deepest jungles of the Amazon rain Forrest that haven’t heard of those operating systems that started the computing revolution. That everyone just shortens them to Windows 9. Bill Gates himself said that was the reason that there was no Win 9, because of the confusion with all the 9X.