Corrupted XP, no XP CD, NO restore points, no recovery partition. HOw to fix? UBCD?

I need help please. I do not have XP CD, the D:recovery partition exists but I know it has not worked in the past. Here is the problem and what I have done so far:

I was running Windows XP Media center on my very old laptop (newer hard drive) when it went dead. When I turned it on, it came to HP logo and continued to cycle to little flashing cursor and back to HP logo refusing to boot. Going through boot options etc. did not help. Doing F8 did bring the screen to boot options of safe mode etc. but clicking any of them brought me back to the same problem.

I booted the computer with UBCD4WIN. It showed C: but had 0 bytes used and 0 empty. In "my computer" C: shows but no bytes. I do show D: recovery partition present but it has never worked, in the past either. Same thing showed in the partition table as well. Therefore the C: contents cannot even be read. Checking the c: by using various disk utilities in UBCD did not help because it said "file is corrupt or unreadable".

Following other advice in a forum, I ran CHKDSK /f on C: It deleted/ repaired many sectors and registeries etc. and process continued all night.

After that my computer would boot to a message "c:\windows\system32\system is corrupt or missing. press r to repair. Since I do not have XP CD I could not do that.

Booting from UBCD now shows the C: with the correct 63 GB used and 8GB empty. I can now open the contents of this drive. However I still cannot repair it. I tried the UBCD restore to a previous point utility. There are no restore points present. (I know that before this corruption there were plenty of restore points, I created one manually just couple of days before).

Another advice from on line helpers: Go into c:\windows\system32\config and delete files default, sam, security, software, system and copy same/similar name files from restore points in the folder "system volume information". In the "system volume information" folder there are no restore points.

I know there are these files in c:\windows\repair folder, however those files are from the original factory condition, right? I did not want to go back to factory condition.

SO, here I am now. Is there a solution for my problem?

I do have a 2 month old Norton Ghost backup of the drive that I can restore by using Ghost, I know that works because I have done it once in past. However I did not want to loose two months worth of programs and downloads etc.

Thank you very much for the help.