copied profile only works in admin group

I'm working on XP equipped machines that are on a domain in windows NT server. i have a new win server 2008 that i am trying to move everything to the one server. i can make a copy of the old user profile on the old domain and copy it to the new domain. The problem i am having is that after i copy the user profile to the new domain it works fine when it is set up in the administrator group. when i change it to the restricted user the desktop goes to classic view and all the menus are different. also i cant change the desktop and my start menu is missing the quick access programs. i cant have them on administrator since student will be using them thanks in advance .
figured out the problem i removed the user name and file from the new domain and started fresh. when doing it the first time i let windows copy the profile for me in computer properties. this time i went into c drive and copied all the files except for .nat there is usually 3 to 4 of them. then it would work this time though i had to change the background color manually but it works as a restricted user.