converting dbx to pst

Discussion in 'Windows XP Installation and Setup' started by ramkumarvcbe, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. ramkumarvcbe


    Dec 26, 2020
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    we have one system running windows xp. that system was used for receiving/sending mails through Outlook Express.

    I want a dbx to pst converter. many in the market are not working properly.

    is there any way to convert dbx to pst?
    ramkumarvcbe, Dec 26, 2020
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  2. ramkumarvcbe

    Mr Siamese Cat

    Nov 22, 2019
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    Glossop UK
    Yes there is a way to convert dbx to pst very easily.

    If you start up Outlook from any Microsoft Office program say from Office 2007 to 2016 on the same machine as your outlook express you will have the option to convert and it works perfectly.
    1. Open up Outlook
    2. Go to File on the top row
    3. Drop down to Import And Export
    4. Click on “Import from another program or file”
    5. Click Next
    6. Choose Outlook Express
    7. Import everything into Outlook
    You will end up with all your emails and Contact details in very similar form to Outlook Express in Outlook which is in pst format.

    You will now have all your emails in both dbx in Outlook Express and pst in Outlook.

    You can now just transfer to any other machine using a network or dongle – remember to stick inexactly the same folder on you new machine.

    I used to transfer up to 20GB of emails regularly like this to different machines.


    Unlike discreet dbx files - pst files are monolithic, so you can’t just transfer work folder project x over you have to take the lot.

    Secondly pst files are not as stable as dbx, so always close down Outlook before shutting down machine.

    Hope this helps – I will be going back to my Christmas drinking now.
    Mr Siamese Cat, Dec 26, 2020
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  3. ramkumarvcbe


    Jun 13, 2022
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    To convert DBX files to PST format, use the SYSessential DBX to PST Converter tool. During the conversion process, it keeps the data safe and secure, as well as the folder hierarchy. Apart from that, it offers a number of useful features to its users that make the converting process more reliable and efficient.
    jennycarnerj1, Jun 13, 2022
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