Connect Windows XP to Sql server 2022

Hi all,
I have an old pc equipped with Windows XP and a local repository of a VB client server project running in production's site. The migration of VB project is not a close perspective at the moment. It works with a connection to a Sql Server 2012.
Now our admins is asking us (the devs) to update Sql Server to the last version 2022.
I tried to connect ODBC to Sql Server 2022 but it doesn't work. Do you know if is there any driver to connect Windows Xp to Sql Server 2022 ? I know it's very unlikely.. Let me know. Thanks for your attention.
You managed to get sql 2012 working on xp?? Anyways as for 2022 I don't know much about databases, but if your pc is powerful enough maybe you can run a newer version of Windows virtually inside XP ?