Computer will not boot up.

Hi I have windows xp home that is having trouble booting up.
It tries to load and goes to windows screen, then a blue box flashes up then tries to restart all over again.

I have picked up a recovery disk but when trying to run chkdsk it goes to 25% and says errors and the stops on the dos screen.

I have loads of files I dong want to loose and also some photography things which I need back from it.

Can anyone help me in either trying to get all my items onto an external hard drive which I hot or even try and get windows back up and running.

I have tried safe mode which does not work either.

Any help great fully received.
I can supply pics of what the screen comes up with etc if needed.

Very concerned I have lost my stuff so really could do with some help ASAP PLZ.

Thank you in advance.
if you want to see what the blue screen (bsod) says then you will have to get to the advanced boot menu on your pc and choose to Disable Automatic Restart, turn off pc and then turn on and start tapping F8 to get to the advanced boot screen then the blue screen will stay put and you can give the stop error codes and any files associated with the bsod.


if checkdisk cannot finish it might be due to a failing hard drive and I will give you instructions to download and burn a copy of Hiren's boot cd, then using mini xp you will be able to get your data off the drive and download to a flash drive:

Courtesy of Jose Ibarra
Make yourself a Hiren's Boot CD which you can download from here:

The ZIP file is large, so the download will probably take a little while to complete bit it is worth it. Then unzip the download to extract the Hirens.BootCD.ISO file that will be used to create your new bootable CD.

Creating a bootable CD from a .ISO file is not the same as just copying the .ISO file to a blank CD. You have to use software that understands how to burn a .ISO file to a CD to create a bootable CD.

In the Hiren's ZIP file are the BurnToCD.cmd file that you can double click to launch it, but I have never used it and prefer to use ImgBurn.

If you need a free and easy CD burning software package, here is a popular free program:

When installing ImgBurn, DO NOT install anything from UniBlue or the Ask toolbar (never install the ASK toolbar for anything).

Here are some instructions for ImgBurn:

It would be a good idea to test your new bootable CD on a computer that is working.

You may need to adjust the computer BIOS settings to use the CD ROM drive as the first boot device instead of the hard disk.

These adjustments are made before Windows tries to load. If you miss it, you will have to reboot the system again.

When booting on the Hiren's CD you will see a menu of options. Choose the Mini XP option. Then it will appear that Windows is being loaded and you will be presented with a desktop that has the look and feel of the Windows Explorer interface you are already used to using.

One way to check the disk for errors is to open My Computer and right click your afflicted drive and choose Properties, Tools, Error-checking, Check Now... put a check mark in both the boxes and then Start.

Sometimes that doesn't work, so you can also click Start, Run and in the box enter:


Click OK to open a Command Prompt window and enter the following command (assuming XP is installed on your C drive)

chkdsk c: /r

This disk checking can take a long time (perhaps several to many hours) depending on the size of the volume, the amount of data on the volume and what the disk checking finds to do.
Let chkdsk finish and correct any problems it might find.

Depending on the the speed of your system, the size of the volume, the amount of data on the volume and what chkdsk finds to do, it may take a long time for chkdsk with error correction to complete (several to many hours) or it may appear to be 'stuck'. Be patient. If the HDD light is still flashing, chkdsk is doing something so don't interrupt it. It will finish eventually one way or the other. Keep an eye on the percentage amount to be sure it is still making progress. It may even appear to go backwards sometimes.

You may have to run the chkdsk c: /r more than once.

you can try chkdsk from hiren's or just get the data off

Just a thought, but there was a virus doing the rounds about 10 years ago now that did exactly as you describe. I'm trying to recall the name.

Anyway, it seems like a long shot but you could try booting into safe mode. (either press F8 or F5 at startup then select SAFE MODE no networking)

then run :

then Junkware Removal Tool (JRT),
then ADW Cleaner.

All those are available from Bleeping computer:

JRT takes ages to run, if you have a large number of files, it can take up to 20 mins. But it is the best, so let it do its job.It will finish when it's done

If you can, download and save these tools to a pen drive then reload from there, after you have booted to SAFE mode no networking