Compiling MAME 2021?

2-3 years ago MAME dropped support for XP because of it's frame being updated. However, there was someone who was compiling newer versions that ran on the OS. That apparently stopped a short time after it started.

So my question is; is it still doable? Is there a reliable tutorial on how to do it?
You can download latest MAME for Windows XP here: LINK

Just click on Télécharger MAME (XP) (xx.x Mo)

That same link is updated whenever a new MAME is out.

Thank you so much to the person who've been compiling it for XP all this time.
The one thing I have trouble with is that when loading the rom, it won't let me hit a key to start any game.
I can type in the search bar in the roms menu, but I can't seem to actually press any key to start a game. Not even the esc key will let me exit, so I have to use task manager every time.

Whoever programmed this must've done something wrong or something cause this keyboard sure ain't working.
Oh yes, I was having the same problem after 0.242, you can fix that by opening mame.ini in a notepad, and search for:

keyboardprovider auto

Just change from auto to dinput and save it.

Then keyboard should work back again.

EDIT: Just noticed you replied to my other thread. (LINK)
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Long shot, but does anyone have a link to groovymame (a newer version, say .236 or later) the 64-bit version that works with Windows XP 64-bit? The link to the XP 64-bit version from emu-france gives the “gettickcount64” error.