Compaq Evo not working with new hard drive

Hello all, im trying to add a seagate hard drive ( 250 GB ) to an old Evo compaq pc wich came with a maxtor 80 GB HD. , I plugged the hard drive (SEAGATE ) and pc recognized it and was fine with it.
Issues started when i Copied some files to Seagate HD, I was goin to use seagate HD As main disk and leave the 80 GB maxtor for storage.
I used seagate tools to prep the HD . and when i was ready to clone or copy the OS to seagate thats when issues started.
When the 2 HD are plugged the pc does not get to log in screen. I keep getting different errors , When the 250 gb is removed the pc works fine.
Is there something i need to check ?
I have done the same procedure in the past with an Hp and had no issues.
Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Specs on the Pc :

Compaq Evo , Windows XP pro service pack 3 , intel pentium 4 1.50 ghz , 1.5 gb ram , NVIDIA Vanta


It seems I had the jumpers set wrong in the master HD.
Now seagate hard drive is recognized and working fine.