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I have been pretty busy lately with my team, but here is what we have been working on!

A copy and paste from our official announcement:
What is ClassicOS?

ClassicOS is a fork of popular Windows Clone, ReactOS. ClassicOS runs all your Windows games and apps without problem, completely legal and free. It is an entire open source free rebuild of Windows NT and is entirely built from scratch (as reactOS, forked into ClassicOS).

ClassicOS, hence the name, is designed to be a fast, fluid, up to date and secure Windows 2000/XP replacement. Its that simple. There are MANY users who are refusing to upgrade from Windows 2000/XP for various reasons, be that stuck with old hardware or just anti modern Windows. However, that is soon going to be inefficient. Very soon, the final antivirus and internet browsers for Windows 2000/XP will cease to be supported, opening up a ton of security problems. Additionally, your internet browser will be considerably slower when trying to load modern websites and sites like YouTube or flash player sites will refuse to load at all.

Well, this is where we come in! ClassicOS is a very small footprint OS that is up to date and secure based on the latest ReactOS kernel with our own modifications. You can run some of the latest updates on browsers such as Opera and Firefox. You can run your antivirus, etc.

We promise that our Gui will always remain classic. We aren't going to spray on chrome paint or shiny colors, and we will never focus on style over stability/features. We want ClassicOS to be a worthy replacement to Windows 2000/XP that people will be happy with.

Obviously, you don't have to switch. The option is, however, there. We aren't releasing anything until its to our fancy, but ClassicOS, as said before, is designed to be a "Spiritual Successor" to Windows 2000/XP. The pros of this OS is that its forked from ReactOS, the open source completely legal and free rebuild of Windows NT. However, we have added our own code and touches that further the code along a little bit. Due to this, ClassicOS will let you run new updates of browsers such as FireFox and Opera even after they cease to be supported on 2000/XP. This is a great benefit because our plan is to make this OS as much like XP as possible but with the allowance of modern programs so that XP users can, if they wish, switch to ClassicOS rather than be forced to upgrade to an edition of Windows they don't like or be forced to use... Linux.

So, sound off in the comments when you get a chance. We have been working daily on this project behind closed doors and just officially announced it.

Tease of the desktop:
Could you post a link, please.

Google not helping, as search for Classic OS overwhelmed with returns for Mac OS's.
can it be run off of a cd or flash drive to check it out first??
We will release a virtual machine image for VM programs that you can try it out on. Due to the extremely small footprint it will run on virtual machine software pretty stable.

Could you post a link, please.

Google not helping, as search for Classic OS overwhelmed with returns for Mac OS's.
We don't have an official site but we do have a facebook:
We don't have a website yet but that is our equivalent for now.

This I gotta see!
Thank you. Its been being worked on for awhile. We originally forked it in December, and have been working on it since. It actually has required specs much lower than Windows 2000, so ideally it will become a worthy Windows classic replacement. Hence the "ClassicOS" name. ;)
Nice one, towgers!

Keep us posted, please. As soon as I get the chance to I'll give the VM image a shot. Just out of curiosity, will it be VirtualBox, or VMWare?

Personally, I have no problems with using a 'spiritual successor' to XP alongside Puppy Linux. Sometimes ya use one, sometimes t'other. There's no such thing as the perfect OS that's 100% good at everything...

I'm looking forward to seeing what this looks like, I will admit. With one caveat; I just hope this is easier to get up-and-running than ReactOS..!

Mike. ;)
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Thank You.

With reactOS being stable, that is why we forked it to make it essentially a free open source XP Clone "Successor".
okey dokey, I just tried ubuntu and I did not like it, :)
Elizabeth, I have never really taken to Ubuntu, although I do use it for very specific purposes.

I think Linux Mint (Cinnamon) offers an attractive transition to Windows users. (It is derived from Ubuntu.)
I tried that one too, priscus, I despise being asked if I want to do something everytime I try to do something, so I uninstalled that one also, :)
this doesn't look very appealing. unfortunately, ClassicShell might not work. If I can find an early version, it could be possible. But alas, I don't see there being a way to fix those ugly graphics.
Ubuntu isn't very good right now due to the horrible (imo) unity shell. Wait until they finally switch back to Gnome.

BTW, Work is still progressing on ClassicOS. We are just not ready to say much because we don't want a ton of people knowing about it yet. Just word of mouth. I only announced it here and made a FB page.
Quick important information:

ClassicOS and Macrosewood Inc are now one development group. Macrosewood Inc is another startup indie software group who we will be merging with. ClassicOS will remain the same; free, open source, windows compatible.

Merging with the other team will simply provide us more resources.
ClassicOS is now on hold because of behind the scenes drama that I do not want to get into here. So if anyone was wondering why I have not said anything lately or updated the official facebook page, this is why. I will still be releasing programs from ClassicOS for Windows but ClassicOS is temporarily delayed.
Quick update:
Sorry for being absent!

Anyways, ClassicOS is not on hold anymore. We've been slowly working on it in our spare time because it is no longer a company project, just a fan passion project.
Here are a few things to know:

1. ReactOS is still the base for the OS. ClassicOS still uses ReactOS source as its base.
2. ClassicOS still looks like Windows XP and ships with a theme similar to Bliss. (The default XP look)
3. ClassicOS now supports more games and software through emulation.

We've had some trouble though with coding. We introduce new features but in the process break features. We are trying to get it stable enough for a beta preview release because we'd like to get a working copy into all your hands by January of 2018. Its just been a pain.

Meanwhile though, a friend of mine and former ClassicOS developer is working on his own project. His project is a fork of Jides "remixOS" source code that they released under the GPL. I havent seen anything from him... but he says his project is similar to the goal of ClassicOS but instead his OS will integrate open source clone drivers for older computers so old computers from the XP era can run Android on their laptops/desktops and take advantage of modern android apps and cloud features. I don't know much else.
I'll keep you posted.