China developing 2nd 5th gen stealth plane to operate on Aircraft Carriers

Its purpose is to counter the single engine F-35. The reason USA even willing to export F-35 to a country like Japan b/c it's a significantly inferior product compared to the F-22. Most aircraft enthusiasts often refer to the F-35 as "overweight" and "plagued with many problems." It will pose no challenge to China's FC-31 5th gen stealth plane that is designed to be catapult launched from ACs.

Here's probably the list of operational stealth planes in the world by 2025:

F-22 (USA)
F-35 (USA)
J-20 (China - entered service in early 2017)
FC-31 (China - 2nd prototype unveiled)
J-xx (China - unnanounced 6th gen successor of J-20 already in the design stage will be sci-fi like)
T-50 PakFa (Russia-India colaboration - not yet entered service)
Q: Why does China need another stealth plane, when they've already got this?


A: Same reason why the F-22 can't operate on US carriers.

Current in the V2 protype phase, China's FC-31 2nd 5th gen stealth plane will be ready by the time the rumored simultaneously built 3 ACs are commissioned around 2021-2023.