Cant update - wont "link" unless i move mouse

I have a very strange problem. I am running XP Pro SP-2 on my Fujitsu laptop. It has worked fine up until about two weeks ago.
If I receive an email with a web link, I can click on the link and then I get a blank page in the format of my web home page but nothing fills in. I can wait and wait and nothing happens but, if I move the mouse, immediately the web page will appear. If on that page, I "search" for something, I can type in the request and press "search" but nothing happens. I can wait and wait but, if I move the mouse, the request is processed immediately etc. In other words, if I constantly move the mouse, it works fine and fast on all web pages.
I use Mozilla and Explorer and it does the same in both. I can unplug my external mouse and keyboard and it still does the same.
So, I scanned with AVG and cleaned with CCleaner plus cleaned up the register. All still the same.
So, I went to Windows update and it will not work. I get "Windows update error # 0x80070424 can't display page." It said I could download "FixIt" and that would automatically fix it but when I try that it will not run and I get a message that I needed to remove it because Microsoft does not support it any more.

OK, does anyone have an idea? Many thanks.
First, is your pc 64bit? go to start, right click on my computer , choose properties, if you do not see 64bit anywhere, on the general tab, then you have a 32bit pc and need to be on sp3,

Courtesy of Tricky 300

Before you install SP3 read this article…
…and if your PC is an HP Pavilion, Presario or Media Center and has an AMD processor you need to install this patch before installing SP3…
…to find out if you have an AMD processor...
• Hold down the Windows key (between Ctrl and Alt) and hit the Pause Break key
• Your processor type is shown in the Computer: section
Then install SP3 by downloading and running from...
…you can ignore the text that says that it is for network installations and also ignore the text advising Windows/Microsoft Update if only updating one PC.
Reboot twice after installing.
Hello Elizabeth23. Thanks for the reply. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but have been away from the computer for over 2 weeks. I am now back at it.

My computer is not 64bit. I am running an x86 Intel Centrino processor. When I check the Windows software it says "Microsoft Ver 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_SP3_gdr.130107-0416 : Service Pack 3)"

So, I already have SP3. I ran "Belarc Advisor" and it tells me that I am missing 45 security updates. It gave me a list of the updates missing and I tried to load one at a time but I received the same error message (#Ox80070424). Now a new problem, every time I try to do something with the update, I get a message that I must "update system player M.Player9.2." So, I gave in and tried to update the player. It acted as if I had done the update (ended up with FLV Media Player) but I continue to get the message etc.
So, it would appear that something happened, like a virus, which then caused the "update" to not work and therefore, I have not been getting the auto updates. Etc. I thought I knew something about computers but I am fully at a loss.
I use AVG and do run CCLEANER but with no change.
You may respond here or advise me on my email, dgcoleman at bellsouth dot net.
Thanks Dan

go to the above page and download the free version, make sure you do not install any toolbars or anything, when done remove checkmark in the box that says to do the trial version of malwarebytes, you do not want this.

if you choose you can remove it later, but I keep in installed and updated and run an ondemand scanner once a week or so.

run this until the scan comes out clean,

you should also make a restore point before each scan.

also run a scan in safe mode.


if you have a FLV media player installed, then uninstall it.

microsoft's player is named Windows media player.

you should also purge your restore points as they may be infected

turn off system restore, then reboot, then turn on system restore and reboot again.

and you should do the same with your page file, set to no page file , reboot, and then reset to system managed page file, and reboot.

also unless you have the paid version of AVG I would uninstall and go with the free version of Avast, or Microsoft security essentials.
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Hello. I accomplished everything that Elizabeth23 recommended. I did uninstall AVG and installed the "malwerebytes" etc. and now have Avast etc. The computer is faster for sure and I don't have the problem of moving the mouse to cause web pages to load but I still can not do "Windows Update" and now, no "link" shown in an email will work. Ideas? Dan
there are several things you can do to work with updates problems

if your pc is now clean and scans come out clean, then there are some items needed before windows updates will work

hopefully your sp3 was installed BEFORE ie8

Windows genuine advantage check:

WGA page for diagnostics of wga

updates patch

and the latest installer or at least 3.5, but here is the link for 4.5

post back with results.

and this tool.

and read through this thread if all above does not work as the OP and I have tried many things to get updates to work.
Hello Elisabeth 23:
The computer does show clear by running Malware as well as Avast.
I really don't know the answer about ie8. My XP disk includes SP3 so, my conclusion is that SP3 was installed at the same time XP was installed. Then, (likely) ie8 was installed.
Odd, I can still "click" on links in email messages but it does nothing (will not go to the site) but, I "clicked" on the links you gave me in your last message (above) and all worked.
I went to all the links you provided and installed, ran tests (all passed), verified and installed etc. It was quick and smooth.
I then reviewed the "stuck in loop" thread as you suggested - did not do anything there as all had been previously done.
Windows Update still does not work, same message and error code.
I am about to toss this thing and just reformat the HD and install a clean XP but I really did not want to do that because of the considerable "updates."
Any additional ideas before I become erratic? Dan

lets see if portable updates can use their engine to get the updates download above save to desktop, and run it is a lengthy process, took me last night 1.45 hours to download all my updates and now I am ready for my next reinstall when I need it without having to go online until I am updated.

some instructions here on how to use.

what I did, downloaded, ran from my usb drive because that is where I am going to store the updates until needed.

start- search -download and for you search again.

note after search you will go to the download page and check everything you want

there is a little box on the top left corner to check this and then all will be checked, do this and then go through list and UNCHECK what you do not want, easier this way as I had 363 updates to look through. but I have reinstalled several times so I knew which ones I did not want.

after downloading, then you will search and then install

Hope it works, you can disconnect from the internet after downloading if you choose. and install off line.

lengthy but if it works at least you will be updated while I try to search for a solution to your update problem.
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New Information:
ie8 was installed a long time ago and I noted above that it was installed and gave some data.
Using ie8 I went to a different web site and that site said I had an "out of date" brouser that the page would not be displayed conrrectly and that I needed to update my brouser.
So, I went back to this forum and clicked on the link to install ie8 (link that Elisabeth23 had posted). When I went there, I got the message that I did not need to install that it had already been installed but I told it to install anyway.
The "old" ie8 was un-installed and the "new" ie8 installed. It's updates were installed as well. Along the way the PC was rebooted a few times.

The data on the "new" installation is the exact same data I reported above.
When I go to the web site that gave me the "out of date" message previously, it still tells me it is out of date. I still can't run "Windows Update."
When I look at the data on ie8, it says "cipher Strength: 128 bit" although I am running system 32. Could that be a problem?
BTW, I loaded up Mozilla and it works fine. I tried to load and run Chrome but it always comes in Spanish and I can't change it so it has been un-installed.
Thanks Elizabeth23 for your latest post (I saw it after I made my last post above). I will do what you suggest and get back with results.
okay, will check back, my ie8 also says 128 cipher bit, it is something else. and does not interfere with 32 or 64bit systems.
have you read this thread:

two microsoft sites and the solution for this op seems to have been to disable the antivirus.

but this seems an extreme measure because then you system is unprotected.

from this article:

To solve the Error number: 0×80070424 in Windows Update follow the steps below:-

» Click on Start -> Run
» and paste the command below and enter


read the comments also this was posted in one of them:

Navazkhan says:
October 15, 2012 at 3:04 pm
Hi All,

Click on Start -> Run
and paste the command below and enter


The above command only open that files.

for registering the DLL you should use

Click on Start -> Run

regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
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Well I give up. I tried all of the above and just messed it up more. I tried the "" and attempted to download all of the updates to my thumb drive. It had 48 updates totalling around 158MB. I had plenty of room on the thumb drive but it just would not download. It downloaded two small files automatically but when it got to the 158MB, it would go to 57% and hang up. I tried that three times and let it sit for 4 hours but it never moved off of 57%.

So, I have now moved everything off the computer onto an external HD and ready to format C and load XP again. I still have the original disk for XP Pro including SP3.

So the question is: Can you give me some tips as to how best load XP and make sure the HD is really cleaned? I want to do it right the first time. After I do that, I will make the WiFi work and get on MS and download all the updates (I will try again to put them on my thumb drive).

BTW, in reading al "lot" of stuff, it appears that BITS is missing. I then wasted about 2 hours trying to find that an load it on but to no avail.

I really appreciate the help you have been giving. It was good stuff and I am sorry to have wasted your time.


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BITS is a service and should not be missing, go to services and check for Background Intelligence transfer service, and set to manual or automatic.

as for reinstalling here are a list of sites:
With pictures of clean install
Clean installs of XP sites
XP Media Center reinstallations

1. if sp3 is on your install disc, good , if not download and save to a flash drive and install after clean install

2. download ie8 to a flash drive and install after sp3 (reboot twice after sp3 and again after ie8)

3. have all drivers for your laptop ready to install, go to your laptop's website and ensure you have all the drivers.

4. if you do not have a cd drive on your laptop, then you will have to use an externally connected cd drive or a flash drive, to create a bootable flash drive, you will have to download imgburn and rufus, create a bootable ISO image with imgburn and burn to flash drive with rufus.

see this thread where I gave the links to these programs:

see my first reply.

5. have your antivirus downloaded to a flash drive also, install before connecting to internet

6. also before updates will work you might have to download and install the WGA for windows to verify your os.

7. and this critical update:

windows validation process

NOTE always do a full format when installing .

read through the instructins above and if you have any questions before reinstall just ask. :)
Good stuff you sent. Many thanks. Looks like it will take me a few days to do that Hah!
I will advise results however it really could be a week.
it takes me several hours to do a clean install as I have all my stuff on a flash ready to install and my cd has sp3 slipstreamed on it. It is lengthy but, worth it, I like to reinstall once a year because sometimes I tweak it a little too far. I would love to be able to afford Acronis true image, because then once you get it installed as you like it, then take an image, the next install would only take an hour.
Hello Elizabeth23:
Well, I did everything I could think of but nothing worked for me. I tried to download all the updates and I did get them all except one that was 48MB in size. It would get to 46% and hang up etc.
I gave up and took it to a local guy who had all the updates on a CD. He installed XP Pro and did all the updates. Cost me $65.00 but it was well worth it.
I now have a full functioning machine again.
He gave me a CD with all the updates so if by chance I need to do this again, I have what I need.
Many thanks to you for the effort and time you put in on this. I learned a lot.