Cant Un Install A Free Progarm To Install The Paid Up Grade

Hi Folks

I now have a paid upgrade of a graphic arts program that must have the free version install "removed" before the new one will install, the seller says remove old but old will not remove, I also note my Libre office program will not install updates as well.

this seems to be a installer issue, after company was told that will not work either, they cut off contact with my money.

NET PEOPLE So what else is new:eek:

Anyway i would like to get the arts program to install, I know my installer must be shot ???

I cant find original XP disk to reinstall the whole xp program.:eek:-again

I loathe to hell the idea of not using xp anymore, I am not a fashion plate and find the newer programs are just more over built :eek:.

is there a way to refresh the installer, I went in there, it looks like a complicated system.


is it the installer program or the windows installer?
above is the windows installer 4.5 for xp, if you go to start/run and type in msiexec.exe it will show what version of windows installer is on your pc.

when I uninstall a program, I do a search (with all hidden files unhidded) and delete anything dealing with said program, and then I go through the registry using Find and Find next and delete all of the keys and headings. But be very careful here and make sure that what you delete is only for what you want gone, and then my program will install with no problem.

If it is a paid program then the installer should work. Are you sure that the program will run on xp?

My digital life forum has iso downloads for xp

you have to join the forum to get the links, but it is free. :)