Can't Make Changes to Programs on D: Drive

Windows XP operating system is on C: and Programs on D:.
I recently did Fred Langa's No-reformat, Non-destructive Total Rebuild Option. Since that time I cannot update, change, delete or otherwise manipulate files or folders on my D: drive.
Everything is set as Read-Only. I have attempted to take ownership of all the folders in Program Files folder, but still no access. I have unchecked "Read Only" on D: drive and Program Files, as well as several folders. Appears to work, but still can't access, and the Read Only boxes show up as "ticked" again. I have tried "attrib -r" from cmd line, to no avail.If I just type "attrib" from cmd line, it only shows the archive attribute. I have googled everything I can think of, but nothing solves the problem. I out of ideas, and I really need some of the programs on my D: drive. Any suggestions?
Note that some Windows files are not so easy to move. When you install a program, for example, it registers the location of some files in the Windows registry, so if you move the program, you'll break the links and it will stop working.

above came from here so read it , and give me a link to the Fred langa page so I can see what you did.

Program files are not meant to be moved. Installed software in the Program Files directory is usually so tied up with the rest of the system, that moving the program would break it and cause dozens of miscellaneous problems elsewhere: broken file associations, uninstallers...

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