Can Win XP run like Win 7 or 10

I still prefer using my old Pentium 4 Win XP Pro machines over newer systems. I notice newer machines are able to run videos and other appz without the stuttering I get in XP. Is there a way to update XP to get these better upgrades? Thanks.
In general, if you stick with older versions of software then you should have no problems with stuttering. I use a Pentium 4 myself, a 2.8GHz Prescott-based HP Compaq DC5000 SFF with 4GB of RAM (upgraded from 512MB) and a DVD+/-RW drive (it came with a CD-ROM [not a burner] drive). I'm not sure what you use to watch videos under XP on your P4, but for years I've used VLC Media Player 1.1.11 to stream videos and view downloaded files. It runs beautifully--even high-definition videos don't stutter. I've tried newer VLC versions--they all ran like garbage because they were no longer optimized for older hardware. 1.1.x is the best for me.

Tweaking XP for performance can also make a big difference. There are many guides one can consult when it comes to getting the best performance possible out of any given XP installation, but this is my favorite one--covers all the basics/is simple to follow:

Sorry I couldn't be more of a help--I pray that this information may be at least somewhat useful for you. God bless and take care!