Can no longer access Windows 10 computers from Windows XP computer

Yesterday I had to reinstall Windows XP Pro on an old computer. I had networking all set up with each computer able to access the shares on the other computers. Unfortunately, today when I powered up my Windows XP computer I could not display and access the three computers like I did the day before. I could still access the Windows XP computer from the two Windows 10 computers.

I am testing my network with the following computers.

Network Computers.jpg

  • Yesterday I installed SMB 1.0 on the two Windows 10 computers
  • I can access the Internet fine with Palomino (Win XP)
  • I can access Palomino (Win XP) fine from the two Windows 10 computer

Here is what I see today…

Accessing Palomino from DarkMatter


Shared assets on Palomino


My Computer on Palomino


Selecting My Computer Places


Note I can see the shared folders on EventHorizon (Win 10 laptop).


If I try to select View workgroup computers...


I get an error.

Note, I could see all three workgroup computers yesterday by selecting this.

I tried several suggested fixes I found online but nothing I tried made any difference. Any suggestions on how to fix this.
I have been trying to do this for years and I have tried every possible fix, registry tweak and setting adjustment posted on the internet. I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible. You can not fix this. Windows XP computers can not browse Windows file shares from other computers on the network that are running windows 7, 8, 8.1, or Windows 10. On my Windows XP computer I run a FTP Server on my modern computer running windows 10 and also on my file server running windows 7. I connect and browse them via an old FTP client in the Windows XP system. This works "good enough" for my needs. It's a bit cumbersome and not as smooth as doing it natively in windows but it works.
Well I did something dumb. Palomino only had 500MB of RAM so I tried to upgrade that to 1000 MB (2x500MB). My computer screen went black when I tried to boot. I had to hit the power button to shut down the computer. Unfortunately, when I put the 500MB RAM back in the computer hung when it tried to boot. Apparently, in powering off the computer I corrupted the Windows boot on the drive. I should have tried to repair the boot but I reinstalled Windows XP. This time I was determined to get networking working correctly. I found the following thread that may have given me the information to fix this. I tried the "TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2/SP3". After I booted I could see the network computers again. This time I had four computers running.

Wireless card not finding networks

These are the four computer that are powered up right now


As you can see I can see them from my Windows XP computer. I can also browse the shared files on my Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers from my Windows XP computer.

Only for the record and future windows xp instalations try KB922120-v6 view XP in Windows 7 8 10 lan
maybe it will help
Only for the record and future windows xp instalations try KB922120-v6 view XP in Windows 7 8 10 lan
maybe it will help
That WindowsXP-KB922120-v6-x86-ENU.exe file might help but unfortunately, I can't find it even using

I have found as long as a computer is set up correctly for networking I can access it using its network address. You can enter that address in File Explorer. For example, for the computer thoroughbred enter \\thoroughbred. To make this easier I have created shortcuts for all my computers on my network.

Right now on my Windows 11 laptop I can click on the shortcut for the Windows XP computer thoroughbred and it will show the shared folders on thoroughbred.

Currently my Windows XP can't see the shared folders on my other non-XP computers. That is OK because that is not necessary. For example:
  • If I copy a file on a Windows 10 computer to the shared folder on the Windows XP, then the Windows XP computer will naturally see it.
  • If I copy a file on a Windows XP computer to its own shared folder, then the Windows 10 computer will naturally see it also.
Although not perfect as long as I can share files among all my computers that is all that is necessary.