Can I reset my PC back to the factory settings?


I am currently using Windows XP Pro (SP3) on an emachines (by Acer), The machine originally had windows XP installed when I bought it about 5 years ago. But about a couple of years ago, I installed Win XP Pro from a (dodgy) CD thinking that it would be an update to what I had, and soon realized that the version of OS I had installed on my PC was non-genuine! But I thought, it probably won't matter, but now I am regretting that, the PC is dead slow and really frustrating to deal with as many automatic updates and drivers etc, are unavailable/ non accessible... my parents won't buy me a new computer anytime soon :(, so what can I do??

I am unable to reset the machine to factory settings, as the original emachines reset options are not available, even the 'emachines' logo which appears when the computer turns on, does not appear anymore, so I cannot access the reset to factory setting from there either, also I do not have a disk that came with my emachines computer, as the OS was already installed on it, so I cannot use that disk to install the original OS back!

Please help, is there is any way to reset the computer back to its factory settings?:confused:
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when you installed xp pro did you do a full format of the entire drive??

does disk management show a hidden partition??

what is the model and model number of your emachine??


well according to HERE, you have probably lost your recovery partition, and the only option you have left is to reinstall xp,

now you can use an xp install cd for the same version of xp that is on the sticker of your pc, and the product key on your pc is what will make the install legal as it is tied to the os and the pc.

so you just have to find someone with an install cd in the same version as the original xp.


you can go to the following link and purchase recovery media for an emachine, which would be best as it will have all the pertinent drivers for your particular pc.

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