can I remove some of these folders ?

In my explorer here as you can see .. I have my wife's login and my own.. but there are 4 others some are duplicated .. can I remove any of these with no problems ..?

should point out my E drive is my C drive .. My E drive is my Main drive with O/S situated in and on ...


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Hello ttod0450,

I would not remove these. Explorer "talks" to other XP functions behind the scenes so to speak and it seems that removing these may trash your system if XP does not block any attempts to remove the folders. Explorer is integral to XP, or any Windows version. I may be a little bit "off beam" here but safety first is my humble suggestion.

Cheers from Aunty Jack.
all users , windows is strange to me,

I have Administrator

all users

and Ricky

that is it, if I show hidden files, local , network, and default show up.


are you on xp home or pro, or media center edition???