Can I activate an XP home legit copy on different computer by email? (no net or phone)

My only internet is Wireless and have exhausted previously some time ago the possibility of putting an old laptop online (Compaq nx6120). by wireless with XP.. I don't need it to be online,the main reason is I just want to run some GWBasic programs, I believe I can instal basic with XP. What I need to know is whether I can activate XP Home (I have several legit copies I was using on different towers but now I am 100% off-grid I am restricted to laptops) Would like it on my spare laptop without doing it online. I don't have a phone for the verification process, But obviously I have OTHER laptops (running Win 10) on internet with email and webmail etc. Can I get the magic number by email ?
I don't know about the activation process since all my XP machines are running activation cracks. It does seem like a lot of hassle just to run GWBasic. Since you have Windows 10 you have 2 choices:

Run GWBasic in DOSBOX or download PC-Basic.