Camera/Surveillance Systems

Any of the locals here have for themselves a camera system for home surveillance?

I've got a Dahua camera system setup in my home with, presently, 21 cameras installed. Some are wireless, such as doorbell cameras or floodlight/camera combo units.

Anybody else? And, what Pros/Cons do you notice?
21 Cameras? That’s a lot of cameras. Must admit no experience whatsoever. When I lived in République du Cameroun, I obviously had a guard leopard. But now sleepy Alderley Edge, just standard patrol kittens. They fill in a report once per week.
Nice kits ya got there.

I'm a camera enthusiast. It serves multiple purposes, of which one reason is I am able to enjoy the outside of my house from the inside of my house. Also, I can always check out what's going on at home and view remotely anytime my home/sanctuary. I have pulled more video for family videos on the camera system than any other reason. Lots of funny moments caught on camera with my kids.

I don't really expect trouble, but on occasion it has happened. In September of 2023, had a police chase that ended with an abandoned vehicle in my drive way. I don't know if the perps were caught though.

It's not all about security, but it definitely is a hobby. Also, I work now in the security industry for camera systems and card access controls.