Buying New Non-Advanced Format Disk

I have decided to check Amazon if you can still buy a new disk which is NOT an Advanced Format Drive. It means it should have both logical and physical sector size of 512 bytes, like all the disks in the days of XP. This makes life easier, especially when dealing with disk image backups made with older software.

Western Digital's WD5000AAKX seems to be such a disk, as confirmed on WD forums here:

Here is some background about restoring the disk image:

And here is the disk, on and

The specs are as follows: 3.5 in, 500 GB, SATA 6 Gb/s, 7200 RPM

I actually have XP installed on an Advanced Format disk (sector size: logical 512 bytes / physical 4096 bytes), but to be on the safe side I aligned the disk to CHS (Cylinder Head Sector) instead of MiB. There are no problems with this configuration and the image backups made with 2009 version of Acronis True Image work ok.
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