Browser will not connect

I just reinstalled XP with all updates including service pack 3
PC is an old dell dimension 2400
i have IE 8 and Mypal browsers installed and neither will bring up web pages
i am connect to wifi through a router,,, only because i dont know how to connect it hard wired
wifi says i am connect
any help would be appreciated

there are 5 network drivers listed so you must see what you have for hardware, go to start/run/ type in msinfo32 and look through the listing to find your network type and/or do the same with device manager

you should have an ethernet driver installed and then a wireless driver (IF) your pc can take wireless without having to buy some hardware, I have a dell dimension 2400 also and it is not capable or running wifi without buying hardware. so you might be stuck with just ethernet connection. :)
Thank You
I did go to device manager and cant find out how to bring it back up again
but i have connected two different wifi adapters and got them both to work,, they do say i am connected,,, but still cant open a web page
seems i got the drivers installed because i seem to be connected to the internet,, but browsers still cant bring up a web page
If you did a re-install of Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit, it is up-to-date only to May 2008.

Unless your Dell Dimension 2400 desktop is having connection issues, the operating system being 12 years out-of-date may be why the MyPal browser won't load webpages.
it was a clean install of XP and updated to service pack 3,, after that was about 160 updates
so it does connect to the internet for the updates to XP but when IE 8 did not connect to websites i tried mypal with the same errors,,, think it said cant load page error 400
strange it updated,, but wont let me search the web
I have the problem resolved
opened mypal browser and clicked tools, preferences and changed a few things,, exactly what im not sure
but it does work now
Thx for the help