Bought a computer with a partition

Hi I bought a computer solely to use to edit GoPro videos. When I first turned it on the sytstem booted up and then would not connect to the internet. It does not see the router and when I tried to plug the cable in directly from the modem it still does not see the modem. That is not the only problem. I right clicked on the computer and found that it had 50.8 g of memory but ony 8.5 free. yet nothing showed up in any documents or anywhere. I called the guy I bought it from and was told that the main system on the computer was Unbuntu or something like that. That it was partioned for me to use the windows XP.
This is a Gateway computer mx6453
Windows xp version 2002 service pack 2
Cpu type amd turion 64 x2 Mobile
Cpu speed 1600 mhz
Cache ram 1024
Total memory 2048 mb
Video memory 128 mb
I want to delete the Unbuntu to have access to the entire memory of the compter and what do I need to do to access our wifi network
do you have a installation disk for xp and a product key, ?

now, most keys are tied to the pc they came with, what was originally loaded onto your new pc?

to reinstall here are some links, (you can use partition magic, but you will still have to reinstall, to delete all partitions, format, NOT a quick format)
With pictures of clean install
Clean installs of XP sites
XP Media Center reinstallations


1. updates will not work without sp3 which you will need to manually install, unless your pc is 64bit

Courtesy of Tricky 300

Before you install SP3 read this article…
…and if your PC is an HP Pavilion, Presario or Media Center and has an AMD processor you need to install this patch before installing SP3…
…to find out if you have an AMD processor...
• Hold down the Windows key (between Ctrl and Alt) and hit the Pause Break key
• Your processor type is shown in the Computer: section
Then install SP3 by downloading and running from...
…you can ignore the text that says that it is for network installations and also ignore the text advising Windows/Microsoft Update if only updating one PC.

as for wifi, you probably need a driver, go to the manufacturer's website, input the part number and name, and look for a driver compatible with xp.


we can work on any issues after your reinstall.