Both my CD drives wont recognise unless rebooted..

Have had a problem for many months with my XP Pro system I updated all new harddrive months ago with ASRock N68C GS fx motherboard / memory as well as two new LG cdrom/dvd drives .. all new patches and SP3 installed .. everything works great ...

I usually leave my PC running and then log into and set up my desktop to gain access to emails / programs and web sites when needed .. Have been doing this for many years. ... have a second fan for cooling and the office desk is open for good air flow to the PC case .. The PC operating health is usually in tip top shape with all latest virus and spam protection and tryh keep drivers in most updated condition ..
BUT have one area of concern that is driving me crazy .

Scenario: I put in a CDdisc into one of my two drives ( doesn't matter what it is whether it is dvd / cd or data ... the PC cannot see this disc and reports there is no disc in tray please insert disc .. BUT when I reboot the PC it finds it quite readily and will do so for many hours to a day .. but after that it won't find . Am therefore confined to having to reboot PC at least once a day rather than say twice a week of which I did in the past before this problem arose.. There has to be something running or not running to create this problem .. and rebooting clears the way to the PC reading an inserted Disc .. Ideas ???
none of these suggestions have helped out with my problem .., but have discovered something new ..: when The PC can't see the drives to boot up the dvd .. I found out I don't have to shut down and restart PC... I just have to Log off !... then Log back in.. this clears the cache that is preventing the PC from finding and playing back.. ( finding really is all it has to do) .. the DVD or any type of CD in either of my dvdrom drives ( I have two.) ........
First look in device manager, Do the following depending on what is listed in the DVD/CD-ROM drives category:

If the CD or DVD drive name is missing, the drive is not being detected by Windows. Close Device Manager
If a drive name is shown but is disabled (icon is marked with a red X, ), the drive has been disabled. Right-click the drive name and select Enable. You may have to restart the computer to complete the enabling process. The drive should work correctly once it has been enabled.

from here

you should try the steps here and tell me what happens with each step.


have you used the cd/dvd fixit HERE??

let me know the results and any messages so we can go from there.