Bootable flash drive

Can you create a bootable flash drive in XP? I have heard of it being done, but I have also heard it is not possible with all computers.
yes you can use Rufus to create a bootable flash drive from an ISO image

what I did was use Imgburn to create a bootable iso image, then use rufus to create the bootable flash drive, now some pcs do not have usb boot capability listed in the bios, but if you plug in the usb drive, restart your pc and then enter bios it should have removable media listed, it does on my dell dimension 3000.

download imgburn from one of the mirrors above

download rufus from above

on creating an iso image with imgburn
Thanks for the message. I think my motherboard BIOS does no support burning to the USB ports on my old PC. I have an ISO file that works fine if I burn to a DVD, but won't work with the USB
My dell does not have USB listed normally, BUT, if I plug in flash drive, hit F2 to enter bios to change boot sequence the usb drive is available to boot from,

Let me know the make, model, and model number of your pc and I will see if I can find out for sure.

I have created 3 bootable flash drives and they all work, knock on wood, :)
My boot menu (F2) nor the BIOS setup shows a USB flash drive available. According to the BIOS, the USB will only support the old ZIP drive. This is an old (2004) Gateway 700X.
Model 700X Mfg 3/8/2002. In the BIOS setup, it lists quite a bit of info for usb. I have tried it several times and have no luck in booting. I also read somewhere, and of course I did not save the message, that any BIOS before 2006 would not likely not work with creating a bootable usb port. Now the information in the BIOS setup under Advanced, it says HiSpeed USB, Legacy USB support. Under Boot it shows USB Boot but no where in the Boot Priority here or in the Boot Menu does it show my flash drive or USB port.

I'm not really concerned about this whole thing. I know longer use XP, but the question was raised by a friend who is supposed to be computer literate asked whether this could be done, so being wanting to always learn, I decided to try it on this PC that I have in the storeroom to use whenever anyone needs help with XP, so it is not overly necessary on how to do this!! Don't waste a lot of time trying to work this out. I thank you for your attention and glad someone was willing to answer my question!!
I made a bootable flash drive with xp pro, sportmau boot cd, hiren's boot cd, and one with the recovery console, on it.

I plug the flash into the front usb port of my dell, restart pc, press F2, and removable media is now one of the choices, it is not there unless I have my flash connected. otherwise only cd, floppy and harddrive are the choices.

it will work with xp home also, but I do not have an installation cd for home only pro.
Thanks and the difference between making a Home flash drive is that MIcrosoft did not include a program called bootcfg.exe which was included with Pro. So Pro apparently easier to do. I have a list of commands ran through the C: prompt that makes a flash drive for Win 7 and I am going to have to figure out how to use the list to make a Home flash drive. What I am seeing is that maybe with the recovery console in XP I might be able to make the boot.ini connect with my drive. I will send my list of commands later, I am on my way to a basketball tournament and will be back much later today!! Thanks again and I will look at those programs you have listed to see if that is what I need.
ok, but I do not believe that you will have a problem with Home version, when Imgburn creates the ISO, you can request it extract the boot image from the cd, that is what I did, and there is a boot image on a home cd or it would not boot.