Blue Screen of Death

Hi Guys, This is my first time creating a thread so if I created a thread in a wrong section correct me so I will post in the correct section next time I post.

Im having a problem here regarding the Blue Screen of Death in Windows XP Professional SP3 (XP Home Edition SP2 original OS), I've been just fixing my power because my power adaptor has a problem regarding the connector and once it's moved the power will corrupt and the more the power the power corrupts my computer will beep if I plugged in my power adaptor, Then my power is corrupting and corrupting and my laptop hang up and then POOF! Blue Screen of Death and it restarted quickly, I've just opened up Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/ Event Viewer/System (System error records) but my computer did not have a log regarding the System Error happened on my Laptop, Here's my Model and some specs of my laptop that Im currently using tonight.

Series:Travelmate Series
Model:TravelMate 3280
OS(original):Windows XP Home Edition SP2
Current OS: Not activated Windows XP Professional SP3
reason why my copy of XP Pro is not activated?, Because once I turned on the "Automatic Updates" then microsoft will mark my laptop as "not genuine" so my dad told me never ever turn on the Automatic Update or I'm going to re-install Windows XP by myself.
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