BIOS boots but blue screen of death when windows loads

I have a XP media Center 2005; Dell Dimension E520 that I am working on. I can get some booting up but it says it has a corrupted file (see picture). When I insert the xp home disc to load up some tools to repair the CD loads up all the files but then when it starts the windows set up I get the blue screen of death.

I thought it might be hardware so I changed out the graphics card, took out the network card but still get the same results. I then tried to change out the hard drive from another computer there I get the XP splash screen for loading and then it goes to blue screen of death.

I would like to reformat the hard drive and start over. I have another Sata drive that I could reformat but can not get the XP home disc to allow me to reformat the drive. I guess I have a corrupted boot table.

Is there a diagnostic tool I can load from a CD rom and run to fix things?
disc check?
Is there a special media center XP disc that I should be using?


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being that I am just helping someone out I did not want to pay for the Easy Recovery Essentials. She probably has the floppy at her house when we go back.

I was going to use the
CHKDSK using the Windows XP Recovery Console, however, I can not get the XP home disc to run after it loads the files, I get a blue screen.

Is there an ISO CHKDSK that I could run with a CD rom? Is there another way to get the sata controller being slipstreamed into the install cd?
checkdisk will not run from the cd if it has sata drives and the cd has not been slipstreamed with the controllers, you can download the Hiren's boot disk (very large download) and burn to a flash drive or a cd, hirens does not care about sata drives and you can run checkdisk from there, boot into mini xp on hirens


I did not mean to give a link that required payment, sorry about that. :)
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With your help on that last ISO, I am able to get on the internet and DOS. I ran CHKDSK /r and /F and there were no errors. Now that I am on the DELL Dimension E520 driver site; is there a SATA controller driver there? I am still getting the same errors.
go to the harddrive manufacturers website to get a sata controller, I can help you search but need the make, model and model number of the harddrive, please. :)
Unfortunately there is nothing the on the Seagate website. I saw when I had an internet connection from the original computer I could see drivers for the hard drive but using a different computer it would not show me those drivers for the hard drive. You have to have it detect the system. Here is the

barracuda 7200.9 RoHS
serial: 9ND1B7LC


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I loaded up the mini xp and went to the dell site, they said this was the chip set driver. attached picture. However even if I download an .exe I can not run it on the problem computer.


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These were the hard drive it found, one of them is mine.


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go to above site to download intel's matrix controller

if they are not already extracted you will need to download 7zip to extract files.


main, requirements, and 3 parts guide for using nlite

forums, read all the pinned threads, to see if they apply to you

definitely read these faq’s

above are all my links for nlite, I have done this once to slipstream sata drivers onto and iso for a flash drive, but it has been awhile.

it will take some reading but it will be worth the effort, and I know that you will not be able to install the necessary drivers from dell until you get xp installed and then there is a certain order to install dell drivers, DSS, chipset, and then the rest:

let me know if you have further questions, :)
thanks for all your help for you have worked so hard on trying to answer my question. tomorrow we go back and she has the floppy disc there, however, no internet to finish the install. I will tell her to use the laptop and forget about XP.

Nlite wants access to the hard drive and I don't have access to create folders.

I think it would be easier to pay the $20 and use Easy Recovery Essentials

I have to put this aside and realize it's just too hard without the floppy disc. Thanks for working so hard and giving me directions.