Bios Battery on Motherboard

Last week, I replaced the cd/dvd rom in one of my comps. Back together, it no longer recognized usb's plugged into the built-in (in the back), but front panel usb's were ok. Next day, none of them worked. next day, comp would not boot, Bios settings were as 'factory' set. boot to cdrom, no hdd, floppy was there now, clock 1-0-0, 01-01-2007. Replaced bios battery, reset bios settings, OK. Power off, back on, (not restart). Same issue. Opened the case & measured batt voltage. The new battery had lower voltage than the 'bad' old one! Another new battery, checked volts first, OK, good! Everything works as its supposed to work.

Point is, Sometimes, something very simple and unrelated, can cause infinite grief.

"What is the usual indication when BIOS battery needs replacement?"

"the date will fluctuate"

Not only that, but as a side effect of an unstable clock/calendar, you'll often find that many websites won't load, or occasionally your browser won't even start.....all signs it's on the way out, since these all rely on the correct time/date in order for site certificates to work properly.

But then, y'all probably knew that anyway.....

Which reminds me, it's high time I replaced the CMOS battery in my 'Puppy' box; it must be 5 yrs or more since I last renewed it.....

No peace for the wicked! (*sigh*)

Mike. ;)
What is the usual indication when BIOS battery needs replacement?

Its a CR2032 3v watch battery that usually sells for 50 cents. If you never unplug your power supply and don't have a power outage the settings and time will still stay in there. The battery is nice to have but you can live without it.