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    Anyone thinking of getting a portable monitor read this post first. I've read lots of good reviews on Notebookcheck on cheap InnoCN portable monitors. Also lots of other names came up from reading poster comments like Arzopa portable monitors.

    BUT, by chance, I actually found the "Apple" of portable monitors on Aliexpress. The ultra-quality stuff deserving to be Apple's competitor!

    Here's what actually happened. One day I was browsing Aliexpress and decided to troll UPerfect official store. I asked them if they sourced the LCD panels for the portable monitors from known suppliers like BOE, AU Optronics, Innolux (Chi Mei), LG or Samsung. The answer I got was they made their own monitors. I wasn't satisfied with this response. I knew everyone else sources their LCD screen from those known manufacturers. So I asked again, and got the same response. What a liar, I thought to myself!

    A few months later, I decided I needed a very high resolution display with high pixel density, and UPerfect 13.3 inch 2560x1600 portable monitor was on sale. So I reluctantly bought it thinking full well it's just an obscure brand slapped onto an LCD controller inside a casing with the screen actually made by a third party.

    Holy smoke was I ever surprised when I got the portable monitor! The screen looked more beautiful than my most expensive laptop with IPS screen. The menu that allowed you to control the various settings was custom made by UPerfect not some generic firmware loaded onto the LCD controller. The false leather protector that doubles as a magnetic stand holds the monitor perfectly as good and high quality as Microsoft surface tablet with many grooves for the various positions/angles.

    What blew my mind the most was THIS: I WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN that it ran off the USB 2.0 (5V 0.5Amp) of my mini-ITX computer for power supply!! Can you believe it, you have a portable monitor using only 2.5W (5Volt x 0.5Amp = 2.5Watt) to power the screen at 100% brightness and blasting the speakers off at 100% volume too? 2.5W TOTAL to power the LCD screen + 2 built-in speakers. That is some sick high-end technology there!!

    Now I knew why Uperfect said they made their own monitors when I earlier trolled them for Q's and A's. That kind of stuff is high-end technology belonging to ultra-portable sub-11 inch tablets not laptop-sized devices 13.3 inches and larger!!

    Your old laptop doesn't have USB-C to deliver power to peripheral devices? No problem, so long as it's got a USB-A port!!

    WOWSA!! The extra icing on top was I didn't mind a portable monitor included some crappy speakers for sound on the go. BUT speakers that sound as good/even better than my laptop with the best sound? Unbelievable!

    So there you go, China makes crap and China makes good stuff. When you actually find the good stuff, the quality is simply amazing, worlds apart from the crap that is known for made-in-China products. My UPerfect 13.3 inch QHD portable monitor makes Apple and Microsoft enthusiasts jealous!!

    Also, UPerfect is the one that is pioneering portable monitors inside a laptop clam shell chassis with attached keyboard, attached touchpad, and large capacity battery to power the device continuously for many hours. Makes getting expensive laptops redundant -- all you need is a powerful mini device (like a cell phone) to feed video signal into the laptop chassis via type-C or mini-HDMI and receive I/O from the keyboard and touchpad!
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    Thanks. It was very informative!
    Ayeshastewart, Feb 5, 2024
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