Best cheap way to get wifi on XP?

Hello, i cannot seem to find any wifi card or usb adapter for under 20 dollars as i live in europe and not that much is available. What usb adapter/wifi card would you guys buy?
Get a DD-WRT compatible router, use the ethernet from the PC to the router, configure the router as a client.

BOOM! Wifi!

No wifi card or drivers necessary. AND, you can create as much distance from the PC to the router as you like, so if your desktop space is limited, mount the router to the side of the desk.
I was about to recommend the TP-Link TL-WN725N adapter myself....then I checked out tekkaman's link, and saw he'd recommended the exact same one.

Do make sure it's a v2, though (different chipset to the early v1, which was a PITA regardless of the OS you tried to use it under! Once Realtek switched to the R8188 chipset, 'twas a whole different ball-game....)

I used this adapter for years under XP, and it was absolutely solid, and dead reliable. Good range, too. The thing's been around for a lot of years now, which is WHY it's as cheap as chips these days.

Mike. ;)
Seconding or thirding, or maybe fourthing the idea of a wifi to ethernet bridge. These are awesome for so many reasons and can give anything wifi that was never designed for it. :)
@Samir :-

Hm. I've never really understood how these wifi-to-ethernet bridges are supposed to work. Any chance you could enlighten me..?

I would have thought that, certainly for many older laptops (with at least USB 2.0, which takes you back a good 20 years or more), a simple USB wifi adapter like we've discussed here should do the job...


Mike. ;)
I don't know about that. But think that Wifi extenders could work. Since many have a lan port that you could connect to your old XP desktop.