Benchmarking tool

Found a Benchmarking tool while snooping around MajorGeeks.

Handy to compare results after upgrades and improvements. Turning off unnecessary services for example.

Also not bad for a bit of one-up-man-ship if you're into that sort of thing.
ccleaner has a benchmark drive capability also.

I have not used it, since I do not really know why I would want to see the read/write speeds of my drive, I can tell just by using my pc if it is slow or not.
If it does, I'm not aware of it and I know CCleaner quite well.

Perhaps we're talking about different things.
No problem Elizabeth. :)

I was having a discussion about this tool, on another site with someone who wondered about the differences in results between this and the benchmarker in PC Pitstop site.

I think tools such as these are good for comparative purposes, especially to check differences after repair or installation of new programs.

But as a measuring tool, is it comparing like with like? Loading and saving a piece of code, from a routine, based in memory is going to rather different from a similar test from an online site, especially when we take into account what is being loaded and saved!

I rather like this because it can be easily loaded and run, from file. It's a bit of a shame it attempts to establish a net connection. This is for the sections of internet speed and those on posting results in their forum. However, the routine seems to work perfectly well without a net connection.

Good point about Pirform's tool. I seem to recall it only checks drives and memory though, but it's ages since I used it. I have SSDs and if I do need a defragger, I found a pretty good routine using script on a copy of Falcon Start CD.