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Guess my daughter can’t afford to buy a new product key for the upgrade to Windows 7, so now she wants me to reinstall XP. Oh well, she still had original installation disks and I did a Windows Easy Transfer before the upgrade, so for me the easiest to do is use the XP installation disks to rub out Windows 7, get all that working then Easy Transfer all her settings back, huh?

Will have to reinstall SP3 and get all the hundreds of updates before Microsoft turns it back on XP, then Windows 7 for that awful Windows 8. Any advice?

Maybe after the current depressions ends (if ever) and she gets a job again I will upgrade her to Windows 7.
With pictures of clean install
Clean installs of XP sites
XP Media Center reinstallations

Courtesy of Tricky 300

Before you install SP3 read this article…
…and if your PC is an HP Pavilion, Presario or Media Center and has an AMD processor you need to install this patch before installing SP3…
…to find out if you have an AMD processor...
• Hold down the Windows key (between Ctrl and Alt) and hit the Pause Break key
• Your processor type is shown in the Computer: section
Then install SP3 by downloading and running from...
…you can ignore the text that says that it is for network installations and also ignore the text advising Windows/Microsoft Update if only updating one PC.
Reboot twice after installing.


if you have a Dell, and no resource cd, then you have to install drivers in a certain order.

Thanks a lot; very informative. Her PC is a Dell E521 desktop, sort of old, and I put a Windows 7 upgrade on it for her to evaluate. Since she is out of work and cannot afford an upgrade I thought it wise for her to take a look at Win7. Oh well, long story.

Will follow your suggestions carefully. While it has been 54 years of computer and electronics I get weary of updates and such, and messing up software changes, so wanted some better advice than I can conjure up (old dogs forget a lot). This should be fairly easy and maybe before they s**t can XP I’ll buy her an upgrade.

Thanks again.
Just remember that if you upgrade to win7, you lose your license for xp and now would have a license for win 7


Desktop System Software or Notebook System Software
Chipset or SMBus driver
Processor Driver (if applicable)
Audio (sound)
Input Drivers (keyboard/mouse)
Network Card


go here and enter the express service code of your dell for drivers specific to the dell pc

this is one person's reinstall steps

this is the user's guide for the dell pc:'s manual_en-us.pdf

page 57 is dell pc restore if the drive has not been formatted and the restore partition is still available

page 59 is to reinstall with the cd.
Fortunately I had taped the Microsoft product key tag on her PC case so that will not be a problem. I also have the SP3 CD that will eliminate several hours of updates :)