ati raedeon driver

Hi all, I've just picked up an ATI raedeon hd2400 (256mb) from ebay. It came without a driver disk and when i went online i ended up downloading a .rar file. Truth is i was expecting a .exe file. My friend is running win xp pro (sp3).
I'm running a win 7 system so i cant't even check the file but I'd like to have the neccesarry driver when i put the card in my friends machine. I'd appreiciate any pointers tp the correct driver . Thanks :)
Hi elizabeth23. The system is an acer T180. I'd have preffered to get a 512MB card but his psu is only 250w. The card is agreeable to the computer. It's an ebay buy and theres really no detail on the card but I'm sure it's an ati hd2400.
I've appemted to download from that site but i keep getting a 'download not complete' message. I think the site may be down :( HD 2400&By=ATI&SS=Windows XP

how about from here?? I downloaded a 32 bit driver, and uploaded it to my onedrive, but see if you can download it to your pc. but here is my one drive in case you cannot get it. at the other site I got the download not complete also, probably because I have most cookies and all ads blocked.

will take a couple of minutes to upload, says it is 106 mb, do not know why a driver is so large.

check my onedrive at approx 10:20pm cst, it is 10:11pm cst right now.


above thread has direct links for driver downloads also.
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