Any way of changing the look/graphics of the windows in XP?

I want to make my desktop resemble the old GEOS as much as possible, in order to do this I need to simplify the look of the windows, menues etc. To see a screenshot of GEOS, go to Google images and just search for GEOS.
Is this possible? Is there an easy way to do it?
It does not have to be a carbon copy, but as close as possible. Any ideas?

Thank you for reading.
I don't really want to run the actual GEOS on my XP computer, I just want my OS to resemble the graphics and general look of GEOS. Is there a way to change for example how the windows look like in XP, to make them more primitive/basic looking as they look like in GEOS? Or is there no way to change their look period?
I don't know if it requires programming or not. If someone is willing to help me achieve what I want I'm willing to pay for it, I have looked for this solution for so long without finding any answers.
Get a Commodore 64!

Seriously, GEOS was first designed for the C64 in 1986, It looked almost exactly like a Mac.

For the current or last version of GEOS, try Windowblinds. You might have to try an older version depending on your computer's speed. If you can get it to work fast enough, Windowblinds can make XP look like *anything* - including GEOS, LCARS, marble, wood, ancient scrolls, pipes, leaves, even one of those newer Windows versions.
You'll have to modify uxtheme.dll so it bypasses the Microsoft signer check against visual styles.

Just patch it with a patching system like UXStyle or download the dll and replace it yourself, which is pretty easy to do.

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