AHCI Success Story!

Hello fellow XP fans!
I'm only just finding this forum, and I'm glad I did. For my first post, I thought I'd share a story of overcoming my ignorance. It's about drivers, so I thought this would be the appropriate place to post it.

So, I'm running XP on an Asus A54C, which has the Intel Mobile Express Chipset. After getting the drivers for the LAN and wireless installed, I thought I'd go ahead and get AHCI working. (At least, I thought it would help with the issue I was having with waking the thing up from stand-by. It was taking ages!) And all the updates too, including that WannaCry patch from 2017 and that one from 2019 about a remote desktop worm or something.
I was reading tutorials on how to do that, and they all said to install it to the first "Primary IDE Channel" in Device Manager. Every single time I updated that driver, I got a BSOD flash and a forced restart. For almost a week I was searching the Web for any thing that would help me. Well, one day, I found the Intel Chipset Device Installer, which automatically installs drivers for a particular chipset. Unfortunately, it didn't install SATA drivers, but ATA drivers, but lo! I noticed it didn't install to the Primary IDE Channel, but to the Standard Dual Channel.
I decided it was worth a shot. I uninstalled the drivers from there and updated the Standard Dual IDE Channel with the Intel Mobile Express Chipset. No crash, and after a successful reboot with AHCI mode, it went and recognized every other device on the chipset. Huzzah!

I'm probably way more excited about it than I should be, but I'm very happy for myself. :)
May my story help others in getting AHCI going on their XP install.

Also, it wakes up quickly now. yay!