Administrator Rights Gone and Services Changed

Your help will be greatly apprecited before this computer locks up for good.

I cannot access my Administrator account, and services I had turned off, came back on. I have no options as to the "user" I want to log in as when the computer boots. When I log off, there is no option to switch users. I cannot download anything without the administrator rights to try and track down virus that is changing everything.

Running XP Professional, Sp3.

Computer was fine for a long time, but I suspect hijack as it happened to another computer in our home.

Thank you and I look forward to all help

***White Bobber***
I would do a clean install and wipe the drive. Back up your data first.

there are some sites that work on infections as deep as yours and you can try them:
Malware removal sites courtesy of LemP

Or -- and I think this is what you really should do because your problem is likely to be buried pretty deeply -- seek guided malware removal help from one of the specialty forums:
• Bleeping Computer: Am I infected? What do I do?
• MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware
• SpywareHammer: Malware Removal
• Spyware Warrior: Help with spyware removal
• DSL Reports: Security Cleanup
• Bluetack: Malware Removal


Also here are some reinstall instruction sites:
With pictures of clean install
Clean installs of XP sites
thank you for your responses.I do not have disks to do wipe and reinstall. Is there anyway to create them from any image already on hard drive. What do I look for? I wnat to try removal with help from other forums first, but if it does not work, is there anyway to reinstall without the disks. I bought this from friend who lost them. Sigh. Thank you :)
you can maybe call Microsoft and ask if they have any left over, or find someone with discs and use theirs as long as you use your product key.

I would go ahead with the removal forums and once they get the system clean run checkdisk to fix any errors.

post back with an update after cleaning