Activation glitch

Got the old box out last night, bought back in 2000 (My God! Has it been that long!) When we reached the 1ghz barrier I went down to the trade show at the fairground and had a vendor build my system from scratch. Up until then I was running my 1997 Quantex running at 66mhz, 64mb ram, 6.4g HD. I though I was in computer heaven. Anyway, its running legal, activated XP with updates currant up to about 2015 or there abouts. Fired up fine considering its been closet bound for ten years but when I get to login
a window pops up saying that this copy of windows needs activation. Do you want to activate, Yes-No. Hit NO, it goes back to login,. Hit yes, it goes to a new screen which says that "this copy of windows is already activated, hit OK to exit" Hit OK, and its back to login......again. Rinse , repeat, no other options. I thought that maybe restarting after going back to login might reset the old girl back to normal, but no such luck. Anybody ever had this little snafu! Its not the end of the world, but I was looking forward to a little trip down memory lane. No such luck!
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