Activating Windows XP license key on clean install

Discussion in 'Windows XP Installation and Setup' started by spotify95, Nov 17, 2020.

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    May 5, 2017
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    I had to recently clean install Windows XP Service Pack 3 after I had issues with my previous install.
    I firstly got an ISO for Windows XP Home and installed that. The installation went well with no issues.
    Afterwards, I installed the necessary drivers. Only a few drivers were missing from when I clean installed the OS and they were relatively easy to find after a bit of troubleshooting (thanks to whoever gave me a detailed explanation on the last thread I made).

    The problem I am having now is activating Windows. Since this is a desktop PC, and I have no Ethernet connection available, I tried using my laptop as a bridge to accessing the internet (laptop connected to Wi-Fi with an Ethernet cable between the laptop and the XP computer). The internet does work via this method (checked with Firefox 52 ESR - the last supported release) and I was getting a good internet speed.
    However, one problem remains: not being able to activate Windows.
    I have the 25 character OEM key on the side of the machine, which is correct for the OS I am installing (Windows XP Home key, Windows XP Home SP3 install). I have tried inputting this (when connected to the internet on the method mentioned above) and it refused to activate Windows.
    I have recently manually installed Internet Explorer version 8 as the pre-bundled Internet Explorer version 6 is too old (and literally nothing works with IE 6).

    I would also like to get Windows Update to install the updates required (up to when XP support was cut off in 2014) as there are likely countless security holes that need to be plugged. I don't really care about the "Service Pack 4" that someone else has released, as I will only sparingly use it on the Internet (i.e. to test/check things once everything is set up OK).

    Any help on getting this to work will be appreciated!

    P.S. I am not really too fussed about internet connectivity once I have got everything up and running, hence not going for any permanent internet setup. I do have a wireless USB dongle I can use in the interim, just in case.

    P.P.S: I do also have another slight issue, with the Volume Control - turning the CD Player slider up introduces noticeable artifacts to the audio, and furthermore, the PC Beep slider does not control the actual Windows sound effects; it is instead controlled by the wave audio slider?
    spotify95, Nov 17, 2020
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