About the POSReady 2009 updates

So from what im typing right now 3 months are keft until POSReady 2009 will go EoS(end of service).The standard edition of POSready 2009 already ended in January 8th 2019.Now the POSReady 2009 "trick" is still useful even in having 3 months left until it EoS,because Microsoft released lots of great patches like AES 256 bit encryption for Internet Explorer,TLS 1.1 TLS 1.2 for XP that is soo useful nowadays(also it speeds up the Windows/Microsoft Update searching for updates process).Also Microsoft fixed all the problematic updates that they made so basicly the POSReady "trick"is needed on XP installs.Why? because without the trick it would become obselete.Im not kidding.Please note if your going to use the POSReady trick(that is recommended if you want to use XP in the near future)please refer to this:https://msfn.org/board/topic/171814-posready-2009-updates-ported-to-windows-xp-sp3-enu/

Be safe and continue using your beloved Windows XP :)
I need help with a couple of things re the msfn link above.
(1) About this statement:
"Make sure what you copy starts with the "Windows..." line and has two blank lines after the line that ends in "00000001"

How do I make these "blank lines"?

(2) In the very next post we are asked to download and install the following updates. The reasons for this are not clear to me. Do I really need to install these updates?

Before you install POSReady Updates, IMO you should download from the links I'm giving here and install the following updates:
(1) You just copy paste the "trick" and save it as .Reg :)
(2)Those updates are only for fresh/clean installs.For old installs to make Windows/Microsoft update to work properly after the Registry key is added you will need:
https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=Internet Explorer 8 KB4480965

Thats all the needed updates to make Windows/Microsoft Update function properly on old installs of XP :)