a nice touch this thing['']...it may be already known :)

Discussion in 'Windows XP Installation and Setup' started by hoobeeyoo, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. hoobeeyoo


    Aug 14, 2020
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    a useful thingey that is XP and Vista compatible but, with none of the others
    is this...full access to control panel [any time, easily, quickly]

    create either a CP icon shortcut via start menu

    or drag ''control panel'' from the base toolbar

    all the way up to top of screen.
    let go!

    left clk inside CP toolbar.
    a few options.

    auto-hide, always on top, and show title.

    use any of em' as wants.

    a power user tool perhaps.
    can be v. handy if *** needs it...quickly!

    hoobeeyoo, Aug 14, 2020
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