6th Gen. Stealth Fighters of the World


Yang Wei from AVIC, who is the chief designer of China's J-20 [5th gen.] stealth fighter, told the CCTV news reporter that China's future gen fighter after J-20, will be something you may or may not even heard from sci-fi movie, like the transformers or others.

Meanwhile it is believed in SAC this year, there is a near-space hyper sonic vehicle has been successfully flight, such vehicle could be a testbed for China's future fighters/bombers.
Found this comment on another forum (posted recently), which I thought was interesting:

"Dont lie, US will be luck to get F-35 (which is considered anywhere between 4.5 gen to 4.9 gen) working properly in 10 years, let along field a 6th gen fighter in 5 years."

P.S: The J-20 (and FC-31) are designed to hunt the F-22 and F-35. With China having the world's 1st and 2nd fastest supercomputers and pursuing global leadership in supercomputing, it's not inconceivable China would be the 1st to launch a 6th -generation stealth fighter designed by their supercomputer(s).


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Stealth is obsolete. Whichever country builds a 6th gen fighter mainly for stealth will be doing it wrong. It might be useful to sneak a [6th gen.] stealth fighter into Canadian/British/French, etc. territory, but China has already developed a new type of radar that makes them naked.

Anyways, the old fashioned way was you could detect a stealth plane as a dot on a radar screen, but you can't lock a missile onto it -- must scramble fighters/use AEW&C to intercept it. That is no longer the case with a microwave photonics-based radar developed by China, which can even visualize components of the plane...


Microwave photonic-based radar make stealth aircraft be naked


Microwave photonic radar prototype to achieve rapid imaging of random targets in the air.

The latest news, CLP 14 developed microwave photon imaging radar, field non cooperative target test, imaging is 30 times higher than similar international military radar resolution, B-2, F-22 and J-20 fighters such as stealth aircraft in the airspace of all radar coverage be naked.

In early May 2017, a news report, the high precision microwave photon imaging radar in 14 research and development success, in June 13th, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Website disclosure, CLP 14 has developed China's first high precision microwave photon imaging radar and imaging test by non cooperative target field, at first a microwave photon radar image, the image resolution is 30 times higher than similar international radar, and will continue to enhance the resolution of a number of potential level.

Microwave photon radar random target to Boeing 737 aircraft detection imaging reports disclosed, image drawing speed is very fast, and imaging can identify engine tail flap track and the number of aircraft details.



Microwave photonic radar imaging patterns can identify, such as the engine,
tail, flap, rail and other aircraft details.

From the above report to the analysis above, China's first high precision microwave photon radar is 30 times higher than that of similar international radar resolution, only some large parts of the aircraft's details respectively, the similar estimation of radar imaging is just a dot.

In high precision microwave photon radar 14 can work all-weather and penetrating, after breaking through the imaging accuracy, slow processing speed and poor real-time difficulties, you can quickly identify the target of fine structure and characteristics, which not only can be used in the real-time identification of combat platform for small target also, it can provide accurate environmental information for unmanned intelligent equipment.

This means that the radar has the ability to detect, track and lock targets, or to solve the current radar can find F-22, F-35 and other stealth fighters can not track the locking problem.

At present, the world's so-called stealth aircraft are not microwave, photon, radar stealth. As China's independent research and development of J-20, American B-2, F-22, F-35, the stealth aircraft, under the radar detection of microwave photonic real no hide, in the detection of microwave photonic radar airspace, the most advanced stealth aircraft are in the class of naked state.

The emergence of a new generation of radar, the era of the fifth generation fighter system may end early. The sixth generation will probably no longer boast what stealth capabilities are, but it will speed up, and hypersonic vehicles are coming.
The United States X series hypersonic vehicle research and development is still in the forefront of the world, China also has mysterious Wu-14 project, and recent news also revealed that China hypersonic engine research and development success.

The most sad reminder may be that Russia, the fifth generation fighter T-50 has not yet delivered, the era of the five generation aircraft will soon be faced with an end. Yes, there are two, five generation aircraft in India may also have an impact, but it should not be big, immediately announced the development of the sixth generation of fighters, for India, there is no difficulty.