3DS Emulator(s) that will run on Win XP?

Discussion in 'Windows XP Games' started by krauzer, Jan 21, 2024.

  1. krauzer


    May 28, 2021
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    A few days ago I found out a build of PPSSPP emulator, v1.8.0 which, despite of being (very) old, it runs many games from PSP on Windows XP, and that lit some hope on finding a 3DS emulator that will run on Windows XP as well.

    So, is there any? I don't mind if it's a very old version, as long as it runs. I've been searching for legacy versions of current 3DS emulators, but they're likely to be lost forever.

    Thank you.
    krauzer, Jan 21, 2024
  2. krauzer


    Jun 23, 2021
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    Last legacy version Citra developers have on site is for Windows 7/8. I never tried 3ds emulation so I don't know if they ever realeased a version for XP.

    *Edit*: According to https://3dsemulator.fandom.com/wiki/Citra

    There was a version for XP in 2014. I don't know where to find it though.
    tekkaman, Jan 24, 2024
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