360 Extreme Explorer 11.0.2251.0

Discussion in 'Windows XP General Discussion' started by Compaq_8200_Elite, Aug 28, 2020.

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    Jul 15, 2017
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    I am trying out the portable version. So far it works good.
    I downloaded it here: https://icedrive.net/0/2ex3ZpEnhE
    There two versions in the 7z file.
    Version 12.0.1053.0 would open Google but not go anywhere else.
    It's a Chinese browser repacked by LRepacks .ru

    Help, About says:
    "360 Chrome Browser 11.0.2251.0
    Chrome Version: 69.0.3497.00
    360 Chrome Browser is based on Chromium Open source projects"

    Features repack:
    1. Installation of the program combined or unpacking of the portable (based on loader by Cento8) version
    2. Ability to set Russian localization (WatsonRus + mods TheBarmaley)
    3. Patch chrome.dll (El Sanchez) which performs:
    - replacement 360EE Chinese shop extensions on Google store;
    - replacement the search engine Haosou on Google for the translation function words;
    - replacement of the national top-level domain .cn, .hk, .tw on .ru search and other url;
    - removal of the list of recommended phrases, the search bar;
    - removal of sending usage statistics and crash reports;
    - opens a new page instead of starting hao.360.cn and pressing F1 instead of going to the forum;
    - partial integrity check disabling plugins;
    - translated title window changing themes.
    4. Deleting Feedback and 360BDoctor modules, Chinese services plugins
    5. Fixed icudtl.dat with support for Russian language extensions
    6. Includes current (at the time of repackaging release) version of the Adobe Flash plug-in
    7. When installing or unpacking, can automatically copy the contents of a custom User Data folder,
    containing your settings, skins, extensions
    Compaq_8200_Elite, Aug 28, 2020
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