3 TB Drive on XP Sees 756 Gigs

Installing it as a boot drive will also be problematic unless you have a motherboard with a UEFI BIOS.

I read through several links from your search page and it seems that you can use all of the 3tb as long as it is used as a drive other than C: or boot drive , the above quote from HERE seems to imply that it can be used if you have that particular type of bios, I do not know what a uefi bios means, :(

Windows XP can operate with MBR drives only but for MBR limit is 2TB.
All you can do is install this disk into some Windows 7/10 x64 computer, create 2 MBR partitions 2TB and 1TB, format it, then move to old XP machine.

above info comes from HERE..

hope any of the above helps, :)
Not for C, just storage, even 3 partitions would be ok, preferable, actually.
On my Toshiba laptop, W-7 64bit, (with esata connection & seperate power supply) I could only get 'one' 756G. partition.
There are a few limitations though, but the solution nevertheless is the only available one to use all 3 Terabytes of hard drive space on Windows XP. The major limitation of this method is that the 3TB hard drive cannot be the system partition. The full 3 Terabytes are only available if the hard drive is installed as a secondary drive. Other limitations include incompatibility with RAID setups and external 3TB hard drives.

from HERE, from what I can see it won't work with sata
Installed as secondary drive via esata on the laptop. On a desktop, a sata to esata cable/'adapter' to connect externally, (with external power supply). It is a 'green' internal drive.