27" Monitor @ 2560 x 1440 - Suitable Graphics Card Suggestions

I run a legacy CAD design software on an XP workstation and would like a bigger monitor.

Currently running a 24" monitor at 1920 x 1200, DVI-D cable, ATI Radeon HD 4300.

The 27" monitor I was after has Display Port and HDMI, neither of which the graphics card has. Happy to change the graphics card if needed, but is this necessary or is an HDMI to DVI-D converter likely to work.

Also I can only find conflicting info as to whether this card will even work at 2560 x 1440.

Any advice would be much appreciated thank you.
Electrically DVI and HDMI are the same. All you need is a cable with a DVI connector at one end and an HDMI connector at the other end with the corresponding pins connected. The only gotcha is DVI has no audio so there is nothing to connect on the HDMI side.

I used a cable like that (shown below) on a computer that only had DVI output to a monitor that only had HDMI input.

However, I have no way of knowing whether this will work with your setup.

Just to tie this one up, I solved the issue using a PNY NVIDIA NVS 510 DVI 2GB DDR3 Quadro and a displayport cable and the result is perfect. Drivers readily available for this card for XP.