100% cpu usage

First of all , sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this issue.

I usually have 2 skype accounts running since i need them for my business . Occasionally both ( this happens even if i have 1 skype open ) they start using 100% of my cpu , one 50% and the other the rest ( usually 48-50 % ) . This is a huge issue because it blocks my pc for a minute to two and sometimes i have to restart the pc for it to get back to normal, for now.

Can you give me suggestions on what i can do ?
I use XP Professional , SP3
2.7 GHz CPU G630
3.19 RAM

Thank you
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my skype does not use 100% on start-up . i tried google, thats why i am asking here , for other solutions.
My skype is already running and all of a sudden it spikes to 100% making everything unmovable or usable and then drops down to normal .
which priority should i set for Skype ?
i only use skype sometimes but i need two of them running in the background 9 hours a day except weekends...
if your priority is now set at normal, then there should be three types above, realtime, high, and above normal, first try with above normal.



two links on using task manager to change priorities, also realize that to change the priorities may affect what else is running.

let me know if this helped.

Set Priority – Priority is exactly that: what kind of privilege do you want to give or take from a process. If you’re running something like an anti-virus scan, but hate the fact that it completely disables your ability to do anything else on the computer until the scan finishes, then you can reduce the priority given to the anti-virus software so that it doesn’t use up everything.

Set Affinity – You can also set the process to run one a particular CPU if you have more than one. Click on Set Affinity and you’ll get a dialog with 32 check boxes with everything disabled except for the number of processors on your computer.

above from here:

been 3 days so far, nothing bad is happening so i guess the problem is fixed.
If it starts acting up again i guess i will have to ask again or try setting the priority on higher lvl
thanks for the update and keep an eye on other processes that might be slowing down as a result of skype being a high prioity,

Have a good Holiday. :)