1 gb memory only or 1 gb and 256 mb together?

Hi, I replaced one of my 256 MB of memory in my Dell dimension 3000 with 1 GB. Is it better to remove the other 256 MB as well and leave only the 1GB or keep them both?
If I remember correctly in a mac they recommend putting the same amount of memory in pairs...
Please advice and thanks
i don't plan to buy more memory.
is it better then i slot with 1 gb, or 2 slots 1 gb and 256 mbs?
Please advice and thanks
1280MB should be better - as long as one of them isn't incredibly slow.

Afaik your memory clock will be set by the slowest ram, this means: if your 1gb stick can handle 1000MHz and your 256mb stick can only handle 400MHz, both sticks will run at 400MHz.
It's better to leave out the old memory and use (and try) just the new 1 gb. Adding old 256 or 512 chip only slows the new chip. Memory will always run at the speed of the slowest chip. Try the 1 gb alone in the friends computer to see how it reacts or if it runs at all. Check the memory specs for the other computer at crucial.com to make sure the specs match.

above from here

you can read more from dell on the search page here


but to answer your question, I would just go with the one stick of 1gb and leave out the 256 stick. :)