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    I'm a second year engineering student, and my life is filled with schoolwork. Because of this, I don't have much time to do fun stuff like working on my computers.
    I have:
    Acer Aspire E15 512 4GB RAM (Main, running Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian Buster)
    Acer Aspire One 1GB RAM (XP computer, missing tons of drivers)

    For my XP computer, I want to restore it and make it a nice little work computer for Office 2007. (Older versions fine if I find some) Missing drivers: Ethernet, Wifi, Microphone, and probably more I forgot about. I'm also looking into a new battery for it.

    For my main computer: I want to get off Ubuntu 18.04, and switch to Debain Buster. However, it'll take a bit more work to get it there, and I don't have that much time right now to do it. Once classes end in mid April I'll have more time for my projects.


    Linux die hard, and old windows enthusiast.